Synergy Fine Art Roswell GA

26 Webb Street - Suite 3
Roswell, GA 30075

Located in Historic Roswell
Just off Canton Street



The Artists of Synergy (scroll dow to see all 9)

Living Life at Full Tilt Horse PAinting by Barbara Rush

Barbara Rush

Equine and floral artist Barbara Rush has created  a new genre of art that combines geometric form with cubism. These edgy, bright and bold contemporary paintings
portray a not-to-be-missed, refreshing way of
looking at flora, fauna, whimsical cats and new contemporary DOG paintings!
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Shanon Schneider

Shanon Schneider

Artist Shanon Schneider has created a wealth of painterly landscapes and cubist still lifes featuring unique palettes.
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John Howe


Photographer John Howe puts a unique and contemporary spin on the art of the pointillist master Georges Seurat, creating heavily pixelated images in vibrant colors that actively engage the eye and the mind of the viewer. Just as Seurat pioneered the use of individual dots of paint to create a cohesive bigger picture, Howe uses the particles of light and color afforded by digital imaging to create bold and provocative photographs.

Jaya Saxena


Happy florals that dance in the light.

Blue Abstract Mixed Media by Kathy Sidwell

Kathy Sidwell


inspired by LEE KRASNER

Lee Krasner, 1950s icon, was one of the pioneers of the Abstract Expressionist movement, fashioning works of controlled chaos by utilizing many bold colors and both geometric and organic shapes. Her Little Image series has inspired multimedia artist Kathy Sidwell in creating eye-popping paintings, brimming with colors and repetitive shapes to form bright, pattern-like pieces.


Chaeryl Taylor Fine Art

Cheryl Taylor


NEW! Fabulous florals and beach landscapes.

MOring GLories Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers


Julie Rogers

For hundreds of years, the French countryside has been inspiring artists to capture the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings. Impressionist Camille Pissarro and Julie Rogers are among two of those inspired, expressing on canvas the beauties of nature without adulteration. Both artists are characterized by their acute attention to detail, paying the utmost respect to the reality of the scene.

Connor Crank Still life

Connor Crank


NEW! Masterful stilllifes that must be seen to be believed.

Alison Press


NEW! Deep purple abstracts by Alison Press. Large calvases a must come in to see!

Jane Biven Resin Art

Jane Biven


NEW! Juicy resin liquid colors.

Ron White

NEW! Lose and flowing abstracts by Ron White.


Kirstan Howard

The perfect original accent piece for your home. Ceramic birds in muted palettes. Set in singles and collections on branches.



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